Wee Build


Wee Build is a grant program offered through the Pennsylvania State Libraries through which materials have been provided to Stone Memorial Library to help encourage creativity and open play. While our materials are mostly used during our weekly Story Time (Tuesdays, 10am), we do have at least two sets available in the play area of our children's section at all times.

The purpose of providing these materials is to encourage young children to one simple thing: PLAY. Young children learn the best when they are able to construct knowledge through meaningful play. With the materials provided, children can build and experiment, manipulate objects, work with others, count and measure, and create stories around what they are building. It enables them to develop their fine motor skills as well as their imagination.

All activities help children to achieve the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for early childhood in not only STEM areas, but also in language, literacy, physical, social, and emotional development.


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